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How do I set up PayPal Online Giving?

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2014 04:43PM CDT

Once set up, your website visitors will be able to make one-time and recurring donations to your ministry using a PayPal interface. This feature is currently only available with a PayPal account.

To set up online giving, you will first need a PayPal account (see below). Once that is set up, copy and paste your account e-mail address under: Admin > Settings > PayPal Email Address. You will also need to select a currency type from the drop down menu.

Once your PayPal Email Address has been added, our system will automatically install 3 corresponding pages in the pages module. The default text that displays on the primary Online Giving page is editable, and you may add additional text to that page as needed. The other 2 pages are the payment confirmation and payment cancellation pages that visitors will go to once their donation has been processed by PayPal.

NOTE: If you delete your PayPal e-mail from settings, those 3 pages will also be deleted.

PayPal is free to set up, with a 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction fee for non-profits. That means the cost for PayPal’s credit card processing is $2.50 per every $100 donation (see Since there are no monthly fees, this is a very cost-effective payment gateway.

Here are the steps to set up a PayPal account.

  1. Set up your account at:
  2. Please set up the account using the name of the church/ministry with a “giving” type email address. (ex: or
  3. Copy and paste the PayPal e-mail address into the settings modue.

More about the PayPal online giving process…

After you add the Online Giving page into your navigation, people will be able to fill in the amount that they want to give in one of the fields. Once they click the “make a donation” button, the site redirects to PayPal for the credit/debit card transaction. After the transaction, they are then redirected back to a “thank you” page in your site. If they cancel the transaction in the middle of the process, PayPal will redirect them back to a different “cancelation” page in your site. You will be able to change the default messages on each of these pages as needed.

Many people ask if they can categorize donations…

Although the donation form on your website does not have a categorization option, you are able to add instructions in the content area of the giving page to direct people once they get into PayPal.

After donors type in a dollar amount and they are redirected to the PayPal website, there is a line of text on the "Pay Now" page that says "Note to seller: Add" (if you do not have a PayPal Business account this area may function differently). Your donor simply needs to click the "Add" link to write a note about where to allocate the gift. Once the note is added, they can click "Pay Now" to give.

NOTE: All of our websites integrate with PayPal Online Giving. However, there are a number of older designs that may need to be upgraded by one of our developers for Online Giving to work. If you need assistance with this, please submit a support ticket.

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